About Us

Let’s get your financial house in order.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning” – Thomas Edison

Gebhardt Group, Inc. is an independent private wealth management firm that specializes in guiding families through major life transitions.

We are fiduciaries for multi-generational families, professional athletes, business executives, and entrepreneurs with busy, complex lives and financial assets greater than $1 million.

We are not all things to all people, but we are all things to some people. We constantly challenge ourselves to see how small we can stay, rather than seeing how big we can become.

For many people, major life transitions can be complex and overwhelming. We often feel stuck and uncertain where to turn. We have no idea how to get from where we are today, to where we want to be in the future. For some, working with and experienced and trusted partner at Gebhardt Group, Inc. may be the answer.

Achieving financial security through a major life transition comes with challenges. We guide clients through transitions that often come as the result of:

  • Acquiring sudden wealth
  • Inheritance
  • Sales of a business
  • Loss of a spouse by death or divorce
  • Sudden loss of a job
  • Retirement